I remember some of the faces in some of the photos.


Just in case the band didn't get the message, although they were outside the garden itself their presence was wonderful and really helped make the afternoon. Thank you.My name is Naomi, I used to play for this band 2nd Horn. 4years ago and I moved to New Zealand, its great to see its still going strong.Incidentally, our next concert is this Sunday afternoon in Candie Gardens, so if you would like to come along we'll be playing there for an hour from 3pm.

I doubt you will remember me, I started when Colin Solway was the Conductor. Of course you are most welcome and we would be delighted for you to come and play with us. If you would like to come to a rehearsal on a Monday evening (except some Bank Holidays) at the KGV playing field club house after 7.30pm you can get a feel for what we're like and what we do.I played with your group for the year that I was in Guernsey....does anyone remember? I played trumpet and cornet.......Bondie?..Loud?...Mucked about.........remember?

I was searching Guernsey online with my husband, and came across your web-site and got VERY excited!!The year I played with your group was a fun one and you all impressed my 18 yr. old mind...ha ha! I have photos of some of the concerts and trips (to Jersey) we did that year and look at them often.

ust wanted to post to see if anyone remembed me...I remember some names....Colin, Roger, Simon to name a few. Thank you for a wonder opportunity and memories that I will never forget.I'm not anticipating being on the island again until around Christmas and I wonder if you rehearse then or whether you might have any engagements about then?

J One year when we were over for Christmas (alternate years) we heard the local S.A. band caroling in the High Street which brought back happy memories.We generally have a busy December with gigs right up to Christmas Eve, you'll recognise the music!