We then break till the New Year, recommencing rehearsals the Monday following.


If you do manage to get over before then let us know or just turn up to a rehearsal at the King George V playing field club house 7.45pm most Mondays, except bank holidays or engagement clashes.Firstly, I have to say that I was moved by your kind words re: Geoff Bright and George Rodger.

I knew them both well having undertaken the Pupil's course at Kneller Hall in 1987 when they were both Student Bandmasters. I sat next to George for the year on the 2nd bassoon stand. He was a splendid player and I learnt a lot from him. I did meet him on occasion along the way during my career and he always seemed in fine form.

Geoff Bright was ever the gentleman, I met him also on occasion throughout my career, lastly while he was BM of the Codstream Guards.I am still serving in the Army, albeit only until March 2008 when the end of my career finally arrives. I play bassoon in the Band of the Army Air Corps, under the direction of Capt Kevin Roberts.

For my sins I have found my way into the brass band world and am resident Md in Swindon to Swindon Pegasus Brass Band.As you probably know that I’ve been in communication with Bob Meldrum following the sad news about George Rodger....Bob directed me to your Band’s web site where I pass on my congratulations to you and your band’s successes!!!

You seem a well organised and supported gang!!!!!Hi, I am newish to the area, and have been interested in playing for a few years, I would like to play the fluglehorn, but am told it is probably easier to learn cornet first. I'm 28, can read very basic notes very slowly, but have a good ear for music. I just wanted to enquire as to whether you supplied instruments to your new members, and whether I would be too old to join a youth band or come to any teaching sessions you might have?