The band has a great reputation in Guernsey and is much in demand.


The Links page will hopefully provide some usefull links for those who wish to know more about the islands in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, and be handy for those who want to find the best local links all in one place.Now retired from the finance industry, Alan is expanding his teaching, arranging composing and conducting roles. Most recently he has been appointed Musical Director of Guernsey Concert Brass and this is a role he has accepted with much excitement.

Alan says of this appointment “Effectively, I’ve been directing the band since June 2012 so I am really honoured to have had this position confirmed at the band’s 2013 AGM. I’m looking forward to working hard in continuing the hard work that has preceded me and want to ensure that the standard of music making keeps on improving. This is a great bunch of people to be working with!”Years worth of accumulated instruments, stands and music are removed from dusty shelves and loaded into equally dusty vans for transportation to their new home at the King George V Club House, where extraordinary lengths are being taken to accommodate the GCB, walls being knocked through and storage being built.But what surprises are to be found within the walls of the Kings store? What hidden treasures are to be found amongst disused March Books?

What horrors lie beneath layers of discarded Christmas decorations?Here are some of Simon’s own words, which go some way to express the devotion and enthusiasm he had for the GCB:I think the answer to this question, (certainly for me), is the feeling you get at the end of what you know to be a good performance. The reaction from the crowd.I think every band member would say the same thing, especially the feeling they got after our performance at Uppermill Civic Hall during the Whit weekend this year.I chose to put on a programme of film and TV music, (apart from our contest march, The Triumph of Right), and I could tell that the audience were enjoying our performance, they even laughed at my jokes, which is a fair indication of their enjoyment.

The concert was running about 20 minutes late due to us and Armagh over-running, so I told the audience I was not going to play one of the chosen pieces.......they were having none of it, and in the end, we performed our full programme.At the end of our set, the concert was running about half-hour over, so I thanked the audience and prepared to leave the stage along with the band.Would they let us leave.......? NO, they wanted more, and would not let us go until we gave them another number, so I asked the audience what they would like, and they chose to hear a second rendition of Pirates of the Caribbean.Phil Beckwith and his Champion Brass team made all of the arrangements, and even given his size, the audience were not feared of the wrath and repeurcussions from his endless running about looking at his watch.I heard your band playing on the North Beach today as I was down celebrating Liberation Day with some of my family.

So I thought I would look on your web pages to see what other events you have for the 2009 calendar, only to find alas, nothing. Could this be a mistake?I first enjoyed band music as a young child in north-east Cheshire at the Whit walks and other events.Now I am retired and still love it, as it reminds me of those days. We moved to Guernsey in 1973 and our two sons were both born here. Liberation Day always has a special place in my heart, because my father was a British Army soldier with Force 135. He was in the first boat that came ashore that day.My apologies for the lack of events calendar, it was in the process of being updated. This has now been done and it is back in place on the website.

How listening to classical music more often will improve your life

Humans are the only species on this planet that are profound at making music, we do it because we enjoy it and because it is an amazing art form. We do it since we basically were created, and to back up that sentence, there are many findings that show that people started making music as early as in the Paleolithic era. Escorts from all over the world will tell you that there are instruments found on such archeological sites that date back to 40 thousand years ago. However, the first compositions and music pieces that made it an art were those made by the classic composers.

Listen to classical music

Many people take classical music quite seriously and don't think it would fit in their life. Yes, it sounds very posh and most people will tell you that today it is only meant for children to make them relax and fall asleep fast. Every escort Paris from SexeModel will tell you that those people don't understand what they are talking about. You shouldn't miss the opportunity to listen to some masterpieces and improve quite a lot by simply listening to it. Classical music will make your brain work better, especially pieces from Mozart and that is scientifically proven. Escorts will always rather listen to some compositions than put on a hip hop album or some rap.

Classical music also helps people with dementia, it can reduce pain, help you relax during driving and even cause better sleep. Escorts will advise you to listen to the Guernsey Concert Brass or some musicians that interpret classical pieces in the modern way, just so you can enjoy it more. People on diets should also listen to classical music more often and also those with problems with blood pressure. As you can see, classical music is something quite special and different from today's forms.